Meet the Characters- Vanessa


Vanessa Thibodeaux is a New Orleans born attorney whose best friend just happens to be a rockstar. She met Sebastian Locke, drummer for SURRENDER, when she moved to Los Angeles right after law school and their connection was instant and obvious to everyone around them. She’s in her thirties and single, a fact Vanessa has taken to blaming Sebastian for these days because of his overprotective ways. She’s gone with Sebastian on a few tour dates, more as an excuse to travel to places she’s always wanted to see, but prefers to stay off the fan’s radar given the large amount of time her and Sebastian spend together. She works hard and is fully on the partner track despite a few ‘minor’ setbacks. Her take no shit attitude has helped her maintain respect professionally. That same attitude came in handy when supporting Sebastian through his latest relapse and rehab stay. Her life is good and she’s happy with how things are right now despite her romantic frustrations.

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