Meet the Characters – Sebastian


Sebastian Locke has been in and out of trouble his whole life and seen more than his fair share of stints in rehab. When he and his brother, Jessie, moved to Los Angeles from Louisiana decades ago for a fresh start they founded their band SURRENDER. Everyone was relieved when his latest rehab visit seemed to stick, a fact Sebastian fully attributed to the support of his new best friend Vanessa.  He credits drumming with saving his life in interviews but he and Jessie know it was really Vanessa who made the biggest difference for him, despite years of Jessie trying to save him. Sebastian is ridiculously appreciative of their fans for their part in making their rockstar dreams come true and often indulges in dalliances with groupies when on tour – even when he has a girlfriend. Despite all of this, the thing he’s most thankful for in life is the strength and support he finds in his friendship with Vanessa.

Obsessed will be published January 29, 2019. Visit to purchase. This link will be updated as we continue to add vendors, including Amazon, in the near future.

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Twi J. Bryant is the pen name of two best friends who finish each other's sentences.

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