The Locke Brothers Series

Vanessa and Sebastian have been best friends for what seems like forever. But they aren’t always just friends, sometimes they’re friends with benefits. When that’s no longer enough, and Vanessa loses her bad boy drummer to rehab once again, a new love emerges in her life. She didn’t mean to fall in love, especially not with Jessie Locke, Sebastian’s younger brother.

Jessie, Vanessa and Sebastian are gingerly navigating the path of their now broken love triangle. Vanessa thinks she finally has it all, her best friend and the best boyfriend, until Jessie makes a decision that turns her world on its head. Sebastian finds himself trapped between a rock, his best friend he’s devoted to, and a hard place, his brother and bandmate. Sebastian stepping up in Jessie’s place may just be the thing to right the wrongs of his past with Vanessa for good.

When given the chance, Sebastian and Vanessa waste no time moving their relationship to the next level. Suddenly Jessie finds himself in the same position he’d put his brother in before and he’s struggling to put on a brave, supportive face. Then shocking news sends Vanessa into a tailspin. Out of desperation to change her story, Vanessa, who was ready to say I do to one brother, ends up proposing to the other. The Locke brothers are at a crossroads. Faced with impossible decisions, heart-wrenching revelations and a love strong enough to tear them all apart. They both know that in the end, they’ll do anything to please the woman they love.

Love, heartache, regret, and passion all converge in the Locke Brothers Series.

Are you ready to meet Vanessa & Sebastian?

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