Announcement – Obsessed is coming to Kindle Unlimited!

We are thrilled to announce that as of January 29th Obsessed will be available exclusively on Amazon. In making this move we’re now able to offer Obsessed in Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers can check out the book and read it for FREE!

Don’t worry, those of you who preordered through other platforms will still receive your books on time and there are still a couple of days left for people to preorder at if they want a non-Amazon version.

Paperbacks will continue to be available through Amazon for $14.99 and SIGNED first edition copies are available for purchase directly from us at the link on this website for only $15 for a limited time! We are working to get paperbacks available through Barnes & Noble as well. And as always you can purchase the ebook through Amazon at any time.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us in these chaotic weeks leading up to our debut release. Seeing those preorder numbers has been a huge confidence boost when we’ve needed it most. Don’t forget to also tell your friends to check out the book beginning January 29th!

Be on the lookout for another important and VERY EXCITING announcement coming in the next week!

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Twi J. Bryant is the pen name of two best friends who finish each other's sentences.

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